The 104-page workbooks are in a class of their own as they are far more effective than traditional Hebrew Alphabet workbooks, as each activity is based on the cards/letters story and mnemonic that reinforces what was learn. The activities are fun, bright and engaging - students won't even realize they are learning! The workbooks designates 2 pages per letter of vibrant and fun activities along with reading and writing practice. Please note: The workbook alone (without the cards) do not display or teach the letters mnemonic aid and story, rather it reinforces what was learnt. Teaching the letters are done through the cards prior to the workbook.

Adventure with Alef - Workbook

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Adventure with Alef

Available in the USA, Israel, Australia, United Kingdom & South Africa

Developed in Melbourne Australia.Print and distribution located in the USA from or | | Ph/Whatsapp +61430087879


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