"the results went beyond our wildest expectations, those students immediately recalled the letters the following week and were eager to learn more."

When opening a Chabad Hebrew School in Melbourne in 2010, we repeatedly noticed the difficulty some students were having in recalling the Hebrew Alphabet letters from the previous week, as classes ran only weekly.


The methods used in Jewish day schools, daily, we’re not sufficient for a weekly Hebrew school.

We figured, if only we could bring the letters to life, allowing the students to connect and form a bond with the Aleph Bet, it would help them them relate and remember them far better.

And so, the journey began with a handful of students learning from hand sketched characterized Alef Bet letters on scraps of paper while incorporating stories and mnemonics into the sketches.

The results exceeded our wildest expectations, those students easily recalled them the following week, and were eager to learn more and meet new characterized letters.

That’s when we saw the contrast and began incorporating it into all our Alef Bet lessons which our students thrive on today, as well as thousands of students in hundreds of schools across the globe.

After requests from fellow schools abroad, we’ve teamed up with Jewish Innovations and Shluchim services educational home and school curriculum department to compile a full Hebrew Alphabet curriculum, complete with collector cards, workbooks, teacher and home user guides, lesson plans and more.

Adventure with Alef

Available in the USA, Israel, Australia, United Kingdom & South Africa

Developed in Melbourne Australia.Print and distribution located in the USA from www.shluchimservices.com or www.jewishinnovation.com

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