A complete and most engaging home Hebrew Alphabet program your children will love and thrive on!


"These downloadable worksheets are are in a class of their own."

The fun and vibrant activities that are based on each letters' mnemonic ensure students remember the letters far more effectively than traditional Hebrew Alphabet workbooks, students won't even realize they are working!


37 Downloadable Adventure with Alef learning mnemonic cards.

The Adventure With Alef cards teaches the Hebrew Alphabet through bright and innovative illustrations
bringing the Aleph Bet to life.

Their unique mnemonic memory aids will ensure the Hebrew letters are remembered forever.


"We've got you covered, stories, crafts and so more!"

The downloadable home lesson plans include engaging mnemonic stories for each letter, allowing your child to remember them faster. Creative craft and activity ideas connected to the letters and other fun features like Hebrew words, scrap booking and more.


"What fantastic scrap booking ideas!"

For those children who love to scrap book, our home program has you covered. We've included 32 creative scrap booking ideas to go with your scrap booking downloadable sheets!


"Children love being awarded!"

Download the Adventure with Alef completion certificate for your child and make them feel special upon completion of learning all the letters!

review games!

Bring the Hebrew Alphabet to life with our  remarkable and fun learning app - which is now complimentary with the new home learning program! Simply follow the promotional steps to retrieve your free code.

"My kids love practicing the letters with the app's game, thank you!"

"We were able to learn all the letters within weeks of using your app and even enjoyed testing ourselves with the clever feature."

Adventure with Alef

Available in the USA, Israel, Australia, United Kingdom & South Africa

Developed in Melbourne Australia.Print and distribution located in the USA from www.shluchimservices.com or www.jewishinnovation.com

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