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Cane, Cricket

With both a cane and in cricket the person is hunched over the cane or the bat, which looks similar to the letter Kuf.

Memory aid words to help you remember


When paired with a Sh'va vowel, this letter makes 

a "K" sound

Hebrew words that begin with


Keshet (Rainbow) Kiddush

A story about 


USA, CA Every Shabbat Kuf’s whole family come over for the Shabbat meal and have the most wonderful time. Out of everyone, Kuf enjoys it the most, because having its children and grandchild over is the highlight of its week. Each week they begin the meal with Kuf making the Kiddush. Everyone remembers that amazing week just after Kiddush the rain stopped outside and a beautiful Keshet (rainbow) covered the sky, all the children went out to see it before continuing the meal. When Kuf was younger it was easier to get around, bring the food in from the kitchen and help the grandchildren, but as Kuf was getting older, its back began to hunch / curve and it stared using a cane to help it walk. But that didn’t stop Kuf from telling the most wonderful and exciting stories to its precious grandchildren. AUS, UK, SA It was a very close game of cricket when the batting team needed only one more run to win the game. Finally it was Kuf’s turn to bat. Kuf hasn’t had too much batting experience and the team was worried if it would hit the ball or not which may cost them the game. However everyone on the team knew the important Mitzvah of Ahavat Yisroel and that it’s all about having fun, not winning. One of Kuf’s good friends got up next to it on the field and showed it how to hold the bat and swing. Kuf hunched its back over, placing the bat on the ground. its friends told him, look at that – you’re actually perfect for cricket, your body is shaped exactly how it’s meant to be. The bowler threw the ball, Kuf swung and hit the ball right out of the ground winning the game for its team!

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